Artificial lighting plays an important role in the way that people view & understand architecture. Whether it’s natural or artificial light, both bring emotion to the structure & design, and without light, we wouldn’t have the same effect.

3 Key Aspects Of Architectural Light

The light incorporated within architecture helps draw attention to a structure’s textures, colors, forms, and overall design. And let’s not forget light does not only play a huge role in design but also in creating the space one is in. If natural lighting isn’t incorporated right or not taken into account, a building can have a tough time with internal cooling & heating issues. That being said, what are the most important aspects to consider when choosing or incorporating architectural lighting within your space.


While the placement of lighting and the amount of light is important when it comes to design. Functionality is just as important. The lighting within your space sets the mood and also illuminates the space so that it is navigable & safe. Occupants need to be able to see the floor clear and the walls should always be illuminated. It is possible to display a building architectural design but also make it functional.


The efficiency in your lighting incorporation is very important, especially with sustainability & green builds being highly sought after. Placing lighting so that it is efficient as possible & can utilize energy-efficient materials or even solar power!


This is where you are able to focus on the emotional impact you are wishing to evoke in people. Ask yourself  “How do I want people to feel when they enter this space?” Retail locations are especially important. You want the light to draw consumers in, once inside you want to create a relaxing atmosphere yet show off your product at the same time. Restaurants, massage parlors, salons, etc, all rely heavily on lighting to help with their overall appeal.

Take time to ask yourself a few questions and keep these key factors in mind when choosing your architectural lighting and you are on your way to the perfect lighting for your space & to showcase it’s ensign highlights & elements.