When it comes to landscape design, incorporating lighting is one of the best ways to highlight certain aspects of your landscape while also making sure to create a safe path for your family and visitors. So, what are some of the important factors to keep in mind when looking to add or upgrade your landscape lighting?

First and foremost while most landscape lighting today is very low voltage, making it safer and easier to install, you should still look to work with a reputable landscape design & maintenance company. Not only will they take any guesswork out of the lighting installation they can also help you to decide what types of lighting will work best for certain areas. And they can also help to adapt or upgrade any existing landscape lighting to reflect any updates in lighting design since you first purchased and installed your system. 

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. What exterior objects or spaces do you want to light?
  2. What are the most appropriate lighting techniques to bring your lighting design to life?
  3. Will the lighting fixtures you have chosen be able to create the desired lighting effect you have in mind?
  4. What does the power supply look like?

When it comes to lighting techniques there are various different techniques that can be used. Such lighting techniques include:

Accent/Spot – Technique where a controlled intense beam is focused on highlighting landscape focal points

Grazing – This is where light is positioned pointing or illuminating a unique or interesting surface. It works the best on textured surfaces and helps to bring out the detail in the texture of the surface. 

Shadowing – This technique is used to light the object from below & the front to help create a shadowing effect.

Silhouetting – A technique that involves concealed lighting that creates a beautiful contrast between the light and the object being illuminated.  

These are just some of the many lighting techniques that can be incorporated into landscape lighting design. Working with a landscaping professional will allow you to choose the bay design plan for your home. Exterior landscape lighting not only adds curb appeal but also improves your home’s overall appearance and landscaping too!