Getting the proper lighting for your facility matters. They prevent higher bills, and at the same time make sure that you are comfortable. Proper lighting will save you money on the bills allowing you to control the lighting automatically or manually. If there are certain kinds of sensors, you can save as much as 30 percent of energy, and in a business, that matters a lot. You can call it a profit.

Basic Lighting Controls

As the name says, they are the basic control switches. They are manual, and to control the lighting, they come with manual control switches that you can turn on/off. You have to do it yourself, and turn them off every time you don’t require them. Furthermore, use energy-efficient lights like LEDs, and CFLs. You will see a lot of differences that will reflect in your final bills.

Lighting Controls

Dimmer Switches

This kind of system allows you to adjust the lighting to either off, or set it to a setting. They are more advanced than the basic form of lighting. It uses less electricity than the switch. Since they will use less energy, the cost of your bill will be lesser than the LED light bulbs, and if you remember to use the proper setting, and at times turn it off when not required, you will be able to save a lot.

Motion Sensors for Outdoor Lighting

There is some lighting that needs to be on all the time, but there are ways around it. Outdoor lighting and security lighting is one such example. If you want to save money, you must install motion sensors on your outdoor lights. They are only required at night, and the sensors will activate every time anyone comes in the area. This way it will be the light will turn on when there is movement, and turn off after certain minutes without motion.

Motion Sensors for Outdoor Lighting

Occupancy Sensors for Indoor Lighting

This is similar to outdoor lighting, except that it is installed in a room. Occupancy sensors turn on the light in a room as soon as someone walks in a room, and goes off when there is no movement. You can sue this for bathrooms, break rooms or conference rooms.

Networked Lighting Control Systems

This is the most advanced lighting system. It will allow you to control the lighting from your devices. This can be your handheld devices or computers where the lighting software is contained. It is a networked system that allows the operators to turn on/off the lights, set timers, and control the lights. They can also utilize the data, and monitor energy use.

Networked Lighting Control Systems


In any establishment, lighting is very important, but when it comes to conservation, everything is important. You also have certain responsibilities which you have to do. Depending on the lighting, you have to make sure that you have adequate lighting, and it is off when it is not required. Small, and simple steps will save you a lot of energy, and money in the bills.