Looking to improve the lighting within your space but want a quick DIY strategy? We offer some great tips that help to upgrade the lighting within your space as well as potentially saving money while doing so! Read on to find out our expert DIY lighting tips!

Marry The Ketchup-

Or well in this case light bulbs! Unifying your light bulbs seems perhaps like a bit of a mundane task but it can actually help to improve your lighting making it more effective! Change out any mismatched bulbs and opt to use the same LED bulbs throughout your space instead of older compact fluorescent bulbs. When you have different lighting colors & temperatures you are not effectively lighting your space at all!

Go LED…BUT…Pick The Right LED-

LED bulbs are indeed energy efficient and the best bulb upgrade there is. But remember that you get what you pay for and that is indeed true when it comes to light bulbs, LEDs, or not. Top lighting designers recommend that you use LED bulbs with warmth between 2500k-2700k. This range mimics daylight the best while offering a bit warmer lighting. 

Light Layers-

Yep, that’s right when it comes to lighting layers are better. It is recommended that you aim for at least 2 layers of lighting. Meaning any overhead lights that are typically found in the kitchen or bathroom are considered the first layer of light. The second layer is any table lamps, floor light, or any other accent lighting.


Candles are a great way not only to incorporate soft lighting into your space but to also add a little bit of scent. Keep in mind that candles are not appropriate for every space and that it must fit the atmosphere and the environment.

Wall Sconces- 

Wall sconces are a great way to add definitive light while also adding a bit of decoration & design to your space. The wall sconces must fit your space & the lighting emitted from them must also work. However, if wall sconces will work well for your area they are a great way to upgrade your lighting and space. 

Do a little due diligence before you begin any home lighting project. And should you have to make any alterations to electrical wires or outlets it is best not to attempt these jobs yourself but rather call in an experienced electrician!